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Monongalia County Resident Participate in Emergency Preparedness Course

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Course Participants were given emergency kits with 10 essential items. Course Participants were given emergency kits with 10 essential items.

Emergency dispatchers and crews said they are doing everything they can to get to you as quickly as possible when you call 911.

"Many people are under what we call the 911 syndrome. They feel like no matter what time of day it is, no matter what's going on outside, they call 911 they'll get a response," said Ted Krafczyk, the Monongalia County Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT, coordinator. "But during a real emergency that's not going to happen."

CERT hosted the Emergency Preparedness Course on Saturday, January 25.

Rena Perozich is a pastor at a church in Monongalia County and thought it was important to learn how to help her congregation if an emergency happens.

"Being it's out there a distance and we have people come from the surrounding counties I wanted to be able to take the information back and have our church prepared," said Perozich. "And then my community, where I live."

The course lasted all day Saturday and covered a number of different topics. One of which included MECCA response and fire safety.

"Biggest thing we're covering is the basics," Krafczyk said. "And the basics are, if something happens could you stay home for 72 hours without going anywhere? And when you think about it that's a tough thing to do."

Perozich said that's something her family tries to do a good job at, but they could be better.

"My husband is a real advocate of that and so that's something that we do pretty much," said Perozich. "Probably not as in depth as much as I've learned today but yes we'll definitely do that and we'll inform our congregation and our friends and family."

Each participant received an emergency bag of ten essential items to keep themselves safe during a 72 hour period.

The course also covered staying safe while at home, in your car and being prepared to care for others while emergency crews are on their way.

"911 and things like that, they can't solve all your problems and if you can't get there they probably can't either. So you better have what you need," said Perozich

The Emergency Preparedness course was free and open to the public.

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