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Division of Highways Road Crews Prepare for Round 2 of Winter Storms

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Crews have been out in full force these last few days to keep the roads safe, but their work isn't done just yet. On Wednesday, they continued working around the clock to make sure that these trucks are ready to go for Round 2.

Mother Nature decided to take a break from the snow, so area residents braved the cold to prepare for what's next.

"I'm shopping for some groceries....we've got another storm coming in," said one Kroger shopper.

"I bought some buns and some pickles," said another shopper.

The roads were finally clear on Wednesday, but they may not be for long, and the Division of Highways knows it doesn't have much time.

"A typical day after a storm like we had yesterday, some of the things I did today was...I continued to monitor our SRIC stockpiles of abrasives and sodium chloride to make sure we have those on hand for the next storm," said Ray Urse of the Division of Highways.

The next steps are for the DOH to repair any down equipment, wash and clean any standby equipment, and take advantage of the weather.

"When the sun hits that ice, it tends to break it up into slush, and that's a good time to get out there and plow to break loose that frozen ice," said Urse.

Repairs on these trucks are crucial, since many of them operate for an entire day.

"With 24 hour-day use, we have breakdowns almost routinely. It's very hard to keep a fleet up and running when you put it under the stress that we have to," said Urse.

Drivers log the miles, routes, and hours for a particular piece of equipment so they know it's in good operating condition, knowing it's all they can do in the calm before the storm.

"We're watching the weather, we're planning our next line of attack, get them in place, and showing the public that we're out there and trying to do the best we can," said Urse.

DOH Highway Administrator Pueblo Bianco said his crews will work well into the weekend.

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