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DOH, Harrison County Residents Continue to Prepare for Dropping Temperatures

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For Larry Cann of Clarksburg, this time of the season is nothing to be concerned about.

"It's too nice to be inside, it's beautiful out," said Cann. "I walked to work in town, and I walked home.When I was younger, we got a lot more snow than we do now, so when we get it, I still like to get out in it."

"I'm just out enjoying the snow. I've been down in Florida for 20 years, so this is pretty good," said resident Micah Shuman.

Cann wasn't alone in his enthusiasm, but he was likely in the minority, as the snow-covered roads paralyzed drivers across North Central West Virginia.

The Division of Highways said it evaluates each storm independently to figure out a plan of action, which began Tuesday with crews in "plow mode."

"We would start with our primary routes, our four-lanes, our interstates..." said Ray Urse of the Division of Highways.

Luckily for road crews, drivers, and students alike, schools were closed on Tuesday, and most will remain that way on Wednesday, as temperatures drop close to zero, and in some areas, below zero.

"Our chemical deicing material, sodium chloride, also known as rock salt, doesn't work particularly well below 15 degrees," said Urse.

The DOH said the slickest time for drivers is not necessarily the coldest time.

"When you have snow falling at around freezing temperatures, and you have ice and slush underneath, it's actually slicker than when it freezes solid...that slushy ice buildup over top and snow on top of it, it's extremely slick," said Urse.

Road crews will be working through Wednesday but for now, some Harrison County residents aren't complaining.

"Not too bad, not too bad, four-wheel drive and driving with some sense, you should be alright," said Shuman.

"This is that time of year when you can be out in the snow and enjoy it," said Cann.

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