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College Spotlight: All-Access West Virginia Wesleyan Men's Basketball

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Patrick Beilein returned to the state of West Virginia during the summer of 2012, when he was introduced as the head coach of the men's basketball program at West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Beilein has experienced both the highs and the lows in his first head coaching job, finishing with a losing record of 12-15 last year. But he now has the Bobcats inside the top five in the Mountain East Conference.

The former West Virginia University men's basketball player starred for the Mountaineers from 2002-06, helping WVU earn berths in the Elite 8 and Sweet 16 during his junior and senior seasons.

Now at West Virginia Wesleyan, Beilein has transformed from a player to a coach. He recently allowed WBOY Sports to film an All-Access piece during practice, along with game day, as the Bobcats played host to the Urbana Blue Knights.

"It's a great place," Beilein said, speaking of West Virginia Wesleyan College. "I couldn't be happier to work with the administration and the different coaches here. It's been a learning curve for me, obviously, with last year being my first year of taking over a program. But they've made it a smooth transition. I couldn't be happier. I love the team I have and I love working here."

"We come in and just get loose, like we did today. Station to station passing," Bobcats senior guard T.J. Thompson said.

"Then we'll do a fast break drill to get our blood flowing," Wesleyan senior forward Brett Ervin said.

"We'll jump into getting us better on defense. We do a lot of close-outs. We do a lot of close-outs every day," Thompson said.

"Then we'll do a shooting workout," Ervin replied.

"Then we play a little bit and work on our offense and defense combined," Thompson added. "He doesn't say a lot, but he'll motivate you. I have a lot of confidence on the floor when I'm playing for him."

"Coach Beilein is pretty quiet. But he certainly gets his message across when he's upset," Ervin said.

"My Dad told me a long time ago when he got to the job in the Big East. Jim Calhoun said just worry about West Virginia. Don't worry about these other teams: the Syracuse's, the UConn's or Georgetown. Do what you can do. I've taken that full-heartedly with what my Dad told me. Just worry about what you can control," Beilein said.

"Having my Dad in the same profession, it's so helpful for me. He says he's more nervous for our games than he is for his own. I don't know how he can be nervous when we play Concord and he's got Ohio State. But he said he is," Beilein added.

"It's a great, great college atmosphere as far as small college and supporting each other. I know our guys go to soccer games and volleyball games. You'll see those soccer and volleyball players come to our games. So it's pretty neat. If we keep winning, then more people will come. That's the plan," Beilein said.
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