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DOH Fighting Steady Snowfall To Keep Roads Clear

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Tuesday morning was a cold one for Dave Leavitt and his co-workers at Fisher Auto Parts in Weston. They spent the time outside clearing their parking lot all day, some as many as five times, with some travel in between, and that was an experience on its own.

"We've done a few deliveries, and it has been very slick. We've been driving mostly the car since it's got front wheel drive," said Fisher employee Dave Leavitt.

And that's been more important than ever in Tuesday's snowstorm. The Division of Highways has had crews out around the clock trying to cope with the heavy snowfall, but the snow's been falling so fast, they can't keep the main roads clear long enough to move on.

"All of our people, all of our trucks are out on our interstates, our major highways, our primaries, and that's where they have to stay until the snow quits and then we can start branching off onto the more important secondary roads," said Ron Smith, who works with the DOH in Lewis County.

It's a cause for concern for Leavitt. While he lives only a short way away from his job, he had one major concern when it comes to the drive home.

"Running into somebody. It's very easy to do. You've got to slow down and drive accordingly to the weather," Leavitt said.

Smith said DOH crews will remain at work around the clock until they can catch up and keep the main roads clear.

"We'll have the primaries within reasonably good shape within a matter of a few hours, and then we'll start branching off on the higher-volume secondary roads first," said Smith.

Smith said rumors about Interstate 79 being closed were not true. Any closures on the interstate will be announced through local TV and radio stations.

He expects it will take at least a day after the snow stops to clear all roads in the area.

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