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West Virginia Secretary of State Meets With Local Residents to Discuss Flood Insurance Hikes

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It's been a huge stress for more than a quarter of Wheeling residents, but there may be hope for them after the recent flood insurance hikes.

Secretary of State Natalie Tennant visited Wheeling and had a round table discussion to hear how it's affected local residents and businesses on Tuesday.

Tennant, West Virginia Secretary of State and U.S. Senate candidate, has noticed the problems caused by the hike in flood insurance premiums. She visited Wheeling to hear the concerns and economic affects that it's creating for residents, realtors, and even insurance companies.

"This is how you solve problems because you hear from someone who is a concerned citizen to an interested and elected official who listens to the people of West Virginia," Tennant said.

Many homes are experiencing the huge flood insurance hikes and to try and sell their homes, is pretty much out of the question.

"If they try to sell their house and the buyer finds out that the flood insurance is going to be $8,000 a year, that's probably more expensive than their mortgage payment throughout the year," said Warwood State Farm Agent Chad Broadwater.

There were a few ideas for a resolution to the problem that were discussed, such as making different rates for flood insurance depending on the risk and where you live.

One man said it just isn't fair for everyone to have to pay the same rate.

"It needs to be assessed on a more local level because people around here don't experience the same kind of loss as people on the coast have. If a flood comes through here, it's bad but people around here are used to it, they can deal with it," said Broadwater.

This is the second time Tennant met with concerned residents and businesses this month and said she plans to take what was talked about today to Washington. She believes property owners deserve a permanent solution that protects them from being slapped by sky-rocketing rates.

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