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Some West Virginia American Water customers fear drinking the water

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One full week after the water ban was issued, Boone County can now finally flush their plumbing systems.  Teresa Meade, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator at Boone Memorial Hospital, says, "we flushed the whole hospital. We emptied storage tanks, hot water heaters, flushed laundry facilities".

West Virginia American Water recommends customers flush all hot water taps for 15 minutes and all cold water taps for 5 minutes.  Meade says, "we did longer than 15 and 5 for all of our faucets".

Some West Virginia American Water customers say even though the water looks perfectly fine and does not have an odor, they are not convinced flushing is enough to make the water safe.  Meade says they do not have a choice, but to hope the flushing process is safe because there is no alternative.

As residents continue the flushing process, many are holding on to their reserves.  Meade says the hospital will use dishwashers and laundry facilities, but will ask patients if they would prefer to drink bottled water over spicket water.

Jean Price, Madison resident, says, "I probably won't drink it for awhile, but other than that I think it should be real safe".

As an extra precaution many people are flushing for longer and flushing more than once.

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