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WV American Water explains process on lifting ban on areas

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WV American Water explains process on lifting ban WV American Water explains process on lifting ban

Heating up bottled water to do household chores is becoming a tedious task for Joyce Moles. She and her husband thought they could have stopped the process days ago, when WV American Water started to lift the water ban in areas across Dunbar. But after calling the company's hotline, the couple realized their area was still in the red.  

"It just jumps around and it just kind of misses us, I think they forgot us," said Joyce Moles who lives on Garden Acres Road.  

Joyce and her husband, Norman, have been without water since the crisis began. Their son, Greg Moles, who lives a few feet away at the bottom of the hill has had water since Monday night. The couple pointed out that her neighbors who live on the other side of Garden Acres Road also have had their water back on.    

"It doesn't make sense to me and the people back on the hill have water, but all of us are hooked to the same line," said Norman Moles.

"My dad's meter and our meter are in the same basin, and they are within two inches of each other, so I thought that was a little unusual," said Greg Moles.  

Officials with West Virginia American Water say there is a reason for the division.  

"There is a separation underneath the ground within the pipeline system that we can't see," said Laura Jordan, the External Affairs Manager for WV American Water. "Our engineers have determined that there are different pressure zones."  

Officials with WV American Water tell us there is another reason residents are seeing specks of red encased in a sea of blue on the interactive water map.  

"That generally signifies that it is the top of the mountain somewhere fed by its own storage tank," said Jordan. "It means that we've been able to clear the area around it, but may not have received test results from that spot."

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