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Consumers question water heaters following chemical leak

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 John Gunno has been a plumber for 25 years. He said it is typical see dirty water when he drains a water heater.

"They are naturally dirty, inside these water lines underground every time they work on a water line, sand, grit gets in them," said Gunno.

He said he's had people calling him worried that the chemical leak into the Elk River last week in Charleston has ruined their tanks.

Gunno said your tank is probably just fine.

"So people now are replacing their tanks they don't really need to because they are freaking out over these water particles," said Gunno.

During the flushing process, Gunno said it's normal to see colors like brown and shades of red at first, because your water has been sitting in the tank for days. Gunno said tanks are good for 7-10 years.

He has also been getting a lot of calls about people who say they are lacking water pressure. He said you may have residue from your tank in your faucet and you can try cleaning it out. You can always get your tank checked by a professional if you are worried, but Gunno said West Virginia American Water's recommendations for flushing your pipes should clean out your tank.

"The smell is gonna clean out just like anything else."

Representatives with West Virginia American Water said there is no need to go out and buy a new hot water tank because of the spill.

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