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Fairmont Residents Relieved To See Burglars Behind Bars

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Marion County Deputies arrested a man on Monday for a series of burglaries in the county. But the investigation didn't stop there.

While Fairmont residents are relieved an arrest has been made, it doesn't get rid of their anger.

"It just amazes me the gall of some people that just think they have the right to go on somebody else's property and take something that was hard earned or doesn't belong to them and they just don't seem to care unless they get caught," said Barry Bledsoe, 3 Rivers Iron and Metal Owner.

Barry Bledsoe is one of many people who have been directly affected by ongoing burglaries in Fairmont.

"We had a break in early last week where two males broke in to the shop and attempted to steal a lot of tools and things out of here," Bledsoe said.

The Marion County Sheriff's Department arrested Randy Flickner, 22, on Monday in connection to the burglaries.

"We were able to obtain a search warrant for this address and served it this morning," said Chief Deputy Ralph Wright, Marion County Sheriff's Department. "It appears that we have evidence of at least three B&E's here and the investigation is still going on."

Two more suspects were put behind bars early Tuesday morning.

Deputies said Robert Gross, 26, and William Chester, 25, have been working with Flickner and breaking in to multiple area businesses.

"Fairmont PD and Marion County Sheriff's Department have been working day and night on this. This breaks a little bit of it but there is still a lot more work to go and we are going to continue until we get it all," Chief Wright said.

Deputies carried out search warrants on both Flickner's and Gross' homes.

They found tools, DVD players, laptops, and much more.

"Mostly it's the tools from the local businesses around Marion County," Chief Deputy Wright said.

Bledsoe said the burglars didn't get away with anything from his business but others weren't so lucky.

"I know how many hours they put into it even in the 24 hours leading up to that arrest. I know the other business owners that were affected by this are extremely appreciative to get their stuff back," he said.

The Marion County Sheriff Department told us: "We cannot confirm that any of the arrests are connected to the home burglaries around the city."

That investigation is ongoing.

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