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Residents Concerned Over Lewis County Oil Spill

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Myra Bonhage-Hale has spent decades in Lewis County growing produce at the La Paix Herb Farm outside of Alum Bridge, and said her organic growing is a highlight of her farming.

"I have been farming organically here for 33 years now, and sell my produce as organically grown," Bonhage-Hale said.

But after an oil spill last week, Hale has been struggling with other issues. Crews from Consol Energy on hand to repair the leak have been working since it was reported, but Hale said they often block the road, and she's concerned what would happen if something went wrong.

"What if I had some kind of medical emergency? That's illegal to close a public road like that and keep people waiting 45 minutes or so," said Bonhage-Hale.

For it's part, Consol said they're working to finish as fast as they can. In a statement to 12 News, they said "Production operations will not resume until the pipeline is repaired. Oil flow to the pipe was promptly shut in, the appropriate agencies were immediately notified and have been provided regular updates regarding mitigation efforts. The incident was contained and clean-up efforts are ongoing."

And Hale just wants to see the work done and see that the area she lives in stays clean in the future.

"People come here to see West Virginia as it could be if we treated it with respect and love, so it does affect me. It affects everybody when you keep desecrating the land for prurient purposes," said Bonhage-Hale.

Much like the rest of the state, Consol was also at the mercy of the freezing temperatures last week. Repairs to the pipe completed last Monday were undone as the ground thawed later in the week. Representatives said any contaminated ground should already be removed from the site.

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