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WV Chemical Leak Shines Light on 2007 Water Woes in Marion County

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For some Marion County residents, the idea of not having water is something they became all too familiar with just a few years ago.

In hindsight, it's safe to say that 2007 was not the year for the city of Fairmont's utility board.

"We felt there might be an issue in the system. We were losing a little bit of water, not being able to maintain the filtration plant," said David Sago, Fairmont utility manager, in 2007.

"It makes you understand some of the flaws you have in your system, to work on them, to try to better improve your system for some of the things that went on in our time, which was weather-related," Sago said on Sunday.

While low water pressure was an issue for some, low water tank levels caused an even deeper problem for some residents, who didn't have water at all.

"It's a real inconvenience not being able to have water. You don't realize how much you need water every day ‘til it's gone," said resident Steven Ingram in 2007.

The issue caused then-Fairmont State College and some Marion County schools to close for a few days and it was all because of a leak.

"It was kind of a perfect storm with our raw water source where we actually draw the water for the treatment of the water in our water filtration plant," said Sago.

Fast forward almost seven years, Fairmont Utility Manager David Sago says he's glad that headache is over.

"And I'm hoping we don't see this ever again in our system, but never say never because it's an unpredictable business," said Sago.

Sago said our community can relate to the situation in the southern part of the state and not having answers right away is a process he remembers all too well.

"And I know those folks down there are going to do a good job of making sure they correct what the flaws were for this situation, so it doesn't happen again," said Sago.

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