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West Union Family's House Infested with Rats from Bad Neighbor

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What do you do when you have a bad neighbor? Some people might say to ignore them, but what happens when they're affecting your everyday lives? That's exactly what one family in West Union is going through.

Donnie and Christina Dotson have lived in their West Union home for about five years, but last July they noticed some problems.

"In summertime we can't let our kids outside. The stink and the fleas are awful. The kids can't go outside and play because of it," said Donnie Dotson.

Dotson is talking about his neighbor, who he said is an animal hoarder.

But the problems don't stop there.

"In the past winter the rats, foot long rats, have been coming into our house and getting in bed with our kids," Dotson explained.

The rats eat through the drywall of their house and have even died in the walls.

The Dotson's have been just about everywhere to try and get help.

And the family has even taken extreme measures to do it.

"The last one we killed we took to the city building, the sheriff's department, the DHHR, we carried the dead rat with us just to prove this shouldn't be happening," Dotson said.

But they said they still haven't seen anything done.

"I can't blame the city for anything. They can only do some much, they've asked her to clean up. They write her tickets and she pays them. That's basically all that they can do," explained Dotson.

For now the family puts out rat poison in the basement, and keeps their three kids and animals away from it.

Dotson said they just want help for the neighbor.

"We want somebody to help her, she needs help. She's not a bad lady she's actually a very nice woman but she is an animal hoarder. Nobody wants to help so where do we go from here?" the Dotsons questioned.

The Dotsons said they plan to eventually move and buy their own house, but for now they want an answer to the problem.

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