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Cold Weather Floods Morgantown

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The freezing cold temperatures this winter are causing issues for home owners and renters. Even businesses in Morgantown are dealing with water pipes bursting.

The Morgantown Fire Department was busy January 8, after getting multiple calls regarding flooding.

Fire Chief Mark Caravasos encourages people to call 911 if they are experiencing flooding. However if you want to defrost your frozen water lines, you need to be safe.

"If you try to thaw the lines on your own, we don't recommend the use of blow torches, propane torches, heaters, things like that. We recommend [something] like a hair dryer. And take your time with it. Most of the time what we are finding is underneath the kitchen cabinetry or in areas where it's not really heated. Open those doors up and let the air get in there and warm those lines up," said Caravasos.

Also, don't keep windows open, and don't turn off your heat. Those are both quick ways to see your pipes freeze up.

"I expect to see more calls in the next couple of days as the weather gets warmer, that's when the pipes will start to thaw," said Caravasos.

Do not hesitate to call if you experience flooding in the next few days, the fire department will do everything they can to help, including bring shop vacuums to suck up water, and providing squeegees for clean up.

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