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Emergency Offices Prepare Communities for the Extreme Cold

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Woodburn Elementary School was one of many warming shelter set up in the area. The temperatures continued to drop to dangerous lows on Monday evening and Tuesday.

Several emergency centers set up these shelters and are preparing the community for what is to come.

"Marion County is a very busy place today," said Sabrina Haught, the Captain Emeritus at the Marion County 911 Center. "We had a lot of calls coming in, we had a lot of people without power. We just want to encourage them to use things wisely."

In these temperatures, a power outage isn't just inconvenient. It's dangerous. Several emergency offices, including the Marion County 911 Center, set up stations to help those without heat.

"This is a warming shelter we've set up. For people who don't have power or have no heat can come down here to the fire department to get warm," said Joe Masturzo, who also works at the Marion County 911 Center. "We will keep it opened as long the power is out. And we also have water in case there are water outages, so we brought that with us."

Firefighters caution people who may need to heat their homes without electricity to be aware of the risks.

"The important thing with the cold is for people to try and heat their homes safely. People are worried about power loss and they use generators and they succumb to carbon monoxide," said John Huber, the Star City Volunteer Fire Department Chief. "People use kerosene heaters which aren't made to be used inside. If you are going to try to keep yourself warm please do it in a safe manner."

Haught agreed with Huber, safety when heating homes is a concern.

"Not burning things in the house that are combustible, need to have things ventilated, don't take a torch to your water lines if they are frozen, take a hair dryer to them," Haught said.

Emergency officials urge you to check on elderly people as much as possible and keep children inside.

And even when you're in your home or your car... Bundle up.

"Keep clothes in your car, extra jackets, if you do get stranded use your car for heat. But turn it off for a while so you don't get carbon monoxide poisoning," said Haught. "And move while you are in your car. Do take extra clothes with you, even some snacks."

There are several places around our viewing area that will be open for those without power and need somewhere to get warm.

If you need any help call your local emergency offices.

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