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Clarksburg Fire Department Offers Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

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With freezing cold temperatures on the way, the Clarksburg Fire Department is encouraging everyone to be careful and safe when going out in the cold.

Firefighters said there are a few things homeowners can do to keep their house safe and it starts with some simple suggestions.

"If you do have anything in your home such as basement doors or vents or anything, you want to make sure they're closed so no cold air blows into the house. You do not want to use anything with an open flame underneath the house to thaw out pipes. Use heat guns and heat tape," said CFD firefighter James Green.

In extreme cold, Green said it's fairly easy for pipes to freeze if they're not used regularly.

A simple twist of your faucet can keep that from happening as fast.

"If you just leave the water drip just a little bit so there's a flow through the pipe, it won't freeze as fast an if you do have it, put some electrical heat tape on it," Green said.

If you can't keep the heat up in your house over the next few days, Green said it's important not to use anything with an open flame to heat your home, and to be extremely careful with things such as space heaters.

"If it does get real cold in the house and you use extra space heaters, don't overload your wall outlets, and keep all clothing and drapery and bedding material away from it at least three feet so that way you don't have any chance of them catching fire," said Green.

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