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Weston Bikers Gather To Support Family Of Fallen Biker

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Weston resident Wayne Donaldson died in late November more than a week after injuries from a motorcycle accident put him into a coma.

Brothers in the Hogs and Heroes group in Weston were working to thank the community, honor Donaldson, and help his family put those bills behind them with a spaghetti dinner at the Weston Fire Department on Saturday.

"We wanted to do something to show the community that we appreciate the support they've given us, the outpouring of support, so we chose to have a charity dinner to help raise money to try and pay some of the medical bills," said Hogs and Heroes' Robert Taylor.

They weren't the only group to join in.

The Mountaineer Military Museum, located just across the parking lot from the fire department kept its doors open extra long so that the dinner guests could enjoy the museum.

Owner Ron McVaney said he wanted to honor and highlight someone who still cares for his community.

"About the time people think, nobody cares, nobody cares, nobody really cares, you know you've heard that in the war movies? Well, they do care, but sometimes the candle, you know how the candle burns down? You have to get a new candle, and so that's what we're doing. It's more like getting your battery charged," said McVaney.

And that's what Taylor said will be missed most about Donaldson, and why they wanted to honor him: his devotion in chipping and showing that he always cared for his community.

"Wayne 'Big Dog" Donaldson, the brother we lost, him and his wife both, and his family, have always been big supporters. They were the first ones on the scene to help with that event and work all day. He was a big man, he had a big heart, and we loved him for it, and wanted to honor him, and show the public how much we felt of him," said Taylor.

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