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Area Prepares For Extreme Winter Chill

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Schools around North Central West Virginia were closed Friday, and many of the parking lots stood there almost abandoned, empty because of the recent weather.

But while school was out, the rest of the world went about their business as usual. John Oliver was trying to keep the sidewalks around St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Weston, and he was certainly feeling the chill.

"It's cold, it's definitely cold, probably one of the coldest days we've had this year, and I don't care too much about working out in it!" said Oliver.

And it only gets worse from here, with sub-zero temperatures predicted next week, but there are simple things to do to stay prepared. Garage owners say keeping a big of kitty litter in your car can help if you get stuck, and also suggest having a blanket on hand if the litter doesn't help.

"Some cars might only hold the heat for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then you'd definitely start feeling the difference in temperature if you keep the windows up and stuff, but I've actually seen, because I actually did try this, about 45 minutes is the most that I've seen before you really start feeling a big difference in the temperature in your car if it does break down on you," said Kevin Freeman, owner of The Oil Spot in Weston.

Rain is also predicted for the weekend, and when the temperature drops, all that water will freeze, making roads and sidewalks treacherous to use. Authorities say the extreme cold will make it even worse.

"The thing is, you've just got to be careful, super-careful, because under that snow is still ice. It did rain first, and with it being this cold, it'll be pretty solid," said Bill Rowan, director of the Lewis County Office of Emergency Management.

Lows next week are expected to dip under the zero-degree mark. Follow WBOY here and on Facebook for the latest news and weather reports.

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