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Skiers, snowboarders, and tubers hit the slopes despite the bitter cold

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Despite temperatures colder than our area has seen in years, snow lovers still enjoyed outdoor fun at Winterplace Ski Resort in Raleigh County.

"It hasn't slowed anybody down coming to Winterplace today. We have 4 inches of new natural snow, we're making a little bit of snow," said Winterplace President Terry Pfeiffer.

Visitors from many different states made the trip. People like Trey Davis, who is on an out of state church retreat, was happy to see this kind of weather.

"Pretty exciting really. We don't see anything like this is Georgia," said David,

There was a common goal among visitors bearing the cold, and that was layer.

Visitor Lexi Combs said, "I am wearing five pairs of pants, I'm wearing four shirts and then a snow jacket."

Kristen Mitchell, another guest added, "I just pulled out every cold winter item through my closet and hoped for the best."

Whether it was skiing snowboarding or tubing, there was plenty of activities to go around. But, with temperatures in the single digits combined with a brutal wind chill, extra steps are needed to taken to prevent dangerous conditions caused by the weather.

The resort staff is trained to notice the warning signs of frost bite and hypothermia

"You can see on the skin sometimes if you get little white spots you might be getting a little bit of frost nip," said Pfeiffer.

He also gave helpful tips to overcome the cold.

"You always dress in layers, you wear long underwear, I got a little thing here, it's a neck gator here you can wrap around your face. If your fingers get cold you can put little hand warmers in your gloves. You just have to dress for the conditions and it's very, very comfortable."

For many of those that decided to hit the slopes Friday, they took that advice, and didn't let the weather slow them down.

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