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Harrison County DREAM Team to Host Alcohol and Drug-Free New Year's Eve Party

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On Tuesday night the Stonewood Volunteer Fire Department will be turned into a dance floor, and will be a safe environment for kids to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Shaine Gaines is a junior at Liberty High School. He's part of a group called the DREAM Team that organized a New Year's Eve party for area high school students.

"Hopefully there will be all kinds of fun, dancing, and food and all of that without the alcohol or drugs. We don't need that stuff to have fun," said Gaines.

The party will be held at the Stonewood Volunteer Fire Department. Fire Chief Ron Woods said he thinks the party is a perfect idea.

"In this line of work you have too many holidays like Christmas and New Years especially where young adults are injured and hurt in car wrecks because of drinking and driving. This is a healthy alternative to that, where the kids can get together, enjoy themselves, have a good time, without having to have drugs or alcohol be the reason that they're happy," Woods said.

Gaines said while the kids can enjoy the music, food, and fun, their parents can be comfortable knowing what they're doing.

"It lets the parents know that there is a fun place where the kids can be entertained without the drugs and alcohol being pressured onto them," said Gaines.

The DREAM Team is part of the Harrison County Prevention Partnership Coalition.

Janet Elliot is the coordinator for the coalition and said planning drug and alcohol free events for students hits close to home for her.

"We lost our son, August 3 of 1995. He was killed by a drunk driver. We feel that if we can prevent one person from going out drinking and driving that we have made a difference. With kids everything involves alcohol it seems like. Kids need drug and alcohol free events so that's why we decided to do this tonight," Elliot explained.

The party will start at 9 p.m. Tuesday at the Stonewood Volunteer Fire Department.

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