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Personal Trainers Say Unrealistic Goals Keep People from Returning to Gym

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Almost everyone has done it. Saying, 'This year will be different,' and heads out to the gym for a New Year's Resolution that is impossible to keep. Packed gyms in January often get less and less busy a few months into the new year.

Personal trainers in the area said that's because people set unrealistic goals for themselves. If it took you 15 years to pack on some pounds, you probably won't lose the weight overnight.

But there are simple ways to keep yourself in the gym year round.

"If you can get yourself into a habit of coming in here, everything else will follow," said Matthew Stine, assistant fitness director, personal trainer at Lakeview Fitness Center. "The hardest thing is that people tend to put other things as a higher priority, and the gym falls by the way side. If you can make that a priority throughout your week the results will come. Just don't get discouraged."

Stine said going to the gym at least three times a week is enough to keep up the good work.

He also said that switching up work outs will get different muscles working, and it also keeps you more interested in what you are doing.

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