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Chestnut Ridge Church 'Kid's Zone' Participates in New Vision 'Lights For Relief'

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Children from the 'Kids Zone' show off the lights they made for New Vision. Children from the 'Kids Zone' show off the lights they made for New Vision.

Flipping on a light switch or plugging in a phone to charge is something you might take for granted.

Kids Zone at Chestnut Ridge Church is shining some light for people with none in the Philippines through New Vision's Light for Relief project.

"We're doing Project Shine, so we're building the light so we can send it off to the Philippines," said Chrissy Short, kid's zone small group director at Chestnut Ridge Church. "So the kids can study and read, because they don't have any electricity. They can also charge cell phones and charge their computers or anything like that."

Kids helped put together 10 lights to send to the Philippines.

These lights will provide solar powered light for families who do not have electricity.

"It'll be nice to do something for somebody else in a whole other country," said Dani Douglass, a fourth grader helping build a light.

The lights run off of solar powered batteries that are extremely useful. Christian Abacan, a new vision youth leader, was even charging his tablet with one during the program.

"You have to take the shiny paper, unwrap it, then take it to the table and get all of the air bubbles out of it," said Abacan. "Then next you've got to cut the holes for the lights and put the lights in them. Then you put the wires together and you just plug it in and it's on."

Chestnut Ridge has been teaching the kids zone, which consists of kindergarten through fourth grade children, about spreading happiness and joy in the Christmas season.

"This whole month we've been talking about joy, and how they need to have joy even when things don't go their way. A lot of times it's about bright light, and shining joy into other peoples lives," said Short. "We just want the kids to take from this that they get to shine, and use their joy, and give some other one's some light and shine their joy through out the world."

The kids zone children were taught to spread their joy and shine some light for other people, and that's exactly what they did.

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