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After-Christmas Deals Keep Stores Busy in the Meadowbrook Mall

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The Christmas shopping season is officially over, but that doesn't mean that stores in our area are empty.

The days after Christmas can keep stores just as busy as before.

"Traditionally the day after Christmas can be as busy as a lot of days before Christmas. You have a lot of returns but on top of that is the sales that the stores run," said Marcello Lalama, Meadowbrook Mall property manager.

Lalama said those sales can be found almost everywhere. Just about every window in the Meadowbrook Mall has a sign advertising a big sale.

"Most stores run some kind of clearance, some after Christmas sales, a lot of the department stores will run some big sales and our other stores too will run something to try to attract shoppers," Lalama said.

Some deals that could be found include buy one get one free deals, 40 percent off, and even up to 75 percent off.

Shoppers were taking advantage of those kinds of deals on Thursday.

Lalama said a lot of stores including seasonal stores like Hickory Farms are trying to get rid of extra merchandise.

"They try to get rid of as much as they can and the rest they keep and bring back next year but yeah they obviously want to get rid of as much inventory as they can," said Lalama.

Lalama said this Christmas shopping season was very successful for the mall.

"We had a tremendous year. This Christmas season was about a week shorter than usual because of where Thanksgiving landed," said Lalama. "Despite that our traffic was great throughout the whole season especially the last two weeks and I think all the stores did very well."

Sales could be found at stores like JcPenney and Target to just name a few.

For a list of some of the big after-Christmas deals you can still get your hands on, click here.

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