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Fairmont General Hospital Foundation Completes Latest Campaign

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Fairmont General Hospital has announced that it has met and exceeded its $129,000 campaign goal for Navigational Bronchoscopy.

The system will produce real time 3-D images enabling physicians to take biopsies of the lungs.

The Hospital's Foundation Board of Directors received a large gift from the estate of long-time volunteer, Norma Heine, to exceed the goal.

"I think anytime you get a gift, its wonderful and like I said," said Raymond Alverez, friend of Heine. "This was a big part of her career when she retired. She always went to the Greenbrier, she always got an honor."

Staff at the hospital said many standard bronchoscopes cannot find or reach tumors located in the periphery of the lungs, where smaller bronchi are not wide enough to permit passage of a normal scope.

But with navigational bronchoscopy, physicians can find tumors, take a biopsy and administer treatment.

"This Navigational Bronchoscopy project will bring new technology to the area and allow our patients to actually be diagnosed sooner as well as receive treatment sooner if there is a suspected lung cancer diagnosis," said Peggy Coster, Fairmont General Hospital CEO and President.

The Foundation said hospital employees and the Board of Directors will work together over the next couple of weeks to see which project it will take on next.

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