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Students' Responsibilities in Keeping Schools Safe

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Jamie "Chazzy" Thomas Jamie "Chazzy" Thomas

On November 6, a fight at Morgantown High resulted in student to pulling out a knife and repeatedly stabbing the other, leading to two arrests.

Police credited another student who witnessed the incident for helping calm the situation.

Many know Jamie "Chazzy" Thomas as the charismatic star of the Morgantown High football team. What some don't know is the role he played that morning after he witnessed the attack.

"We were just sitting there talking and we looked back and we saw some fighting and decided to walk over and see what happened," Thomas said. "We saw people holding their hands up in the air, blood on the floor, someone running away and a knife."

Recognizing the student Thomas decided to say something.

"I went up to him and asked him what was wrong, and why he did it," said Thomas. "He told me why and everything and I was like, well we need to go to the office."

So they did.

It may not seem like much but Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston has said "I credit the other student for being the calming factor," about Thomas.

Monongalia County schools said Thomas's actions are not protocol, because confronting someone in that situation can be very dangerous.

"We'd rather the students step in and not get involved," said Adam Henkins a curriculum specialist with Monongalia County Schools. "Those are safety issues for those students. More than anything we encourage them to report it and let the correct staff members take care of it."

Reporting concerns, the school system said, is what they ask of all students. No matter how big or small it takes every report seriously.

"A lot of incidents we deal with are he said she said, rumor type situations," said Henkins. "However no issue we look into every situation as a serious situation. It's better for us to confirm them as just rumors rather than an actual threat."

Thomas said he doesn't regret confronting his peer, adding that he never felt in danger.

"A lot of teachers have said it was a brave thing to do," he said. "They said they were proud of me. But it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do."

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