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Schools are Safer Now than Ever Before Despite Recent Tragedies

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When parents send their kids off to school they expect the staff to keep them safe and last year's massacre in Newtown, Conn., forced schools to re-examine their security and Friday's shooting in Colorado proves how necessary these plans are. School Safety is a top priority in West Virginia and North Elementary School principal said the school has constant meetings to tweak and prefect the emergency drills.  Lock downs at North Elementary are done quarterly.


"We talk to the children to explain to them, that just like a fire drill, this is a protocol we use to use to practice what we would do in case something would happen.  So there is teaching involved and make sure they know we do this to keep them safe."  Principal Webb also explained the latest improvement she is most proud of is the automatic lock door setting.  Now classroom doors automatically lock on their own, so teachers have more time to assume the lock down position to protect and shield their students. 


By nearly every measure, safety has improved and violence has dropped for students and teachers, according to recent findings issued jointly by the Justice Department and Education Department: All of these security features in schools are not just for school shootings which get most of the attention.  They are also to help with child custody battles and to even keep out sex offenders.  

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