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Meadowbrook Mall Stores Seek Additional Employees for Holiday Season

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With the holidays fast-approaching, that means that there are tons of people in the stores of the Meadowbrook Mall and the mall is working to accommodate all of those shoppers.

Holiday shopping is in full swing and stores in the Meadowbrook Mall are hiring additional staff.

"Generally about October we see a lot of those stores looking for additional employees and they try to bring them on at least by the beginning of November to get them trained and they are here throughout the Christmas season," said Robin Urquhart, Meadowbrook Mall Marketing Director.

Urquhart said the additional staff are needed for the amount of shoppers the mall sees.

"There are just so many more shoppers that need serviced during that time that most of your department stores are hiring quite a few people. Some of the people I'm sure are kept on after the season," Urquhart said.

In addition to the flagship stores like JCPenney adding staff, there are also temporary stores added like Personalized Ornaments and Hickory Farms.

"They try to rent to as many as we have the space for but its usually 12 to 15 temporary tenants come in for the holidays," said Urquhart.

Maxine McCarty is a seasonal employee for Hickory Farms. She said being a store team lead is her only job during the year.

"It will just be until the end of the year, and then we'll be unemployed again. We'll be here shortly after Christmas; I don't have a specific date yet because it depends upon supply and demand," said McCarty.

McCarty said the fact that her job only lasts a few months doesn't matter, because she loves working for Hickory Farms that much.

"I just love it, I really do. Every year we have people coming that are specifically looking for us for the tradition that we represent. It's just been a really great experience for me. I wish we had it year round, but unfortunately we don't," McCarty explained.

McCarty said the closer it gets to Christmas, the busier Hickory Farms gets.

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