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Clarksburg City Council Approves 'In God We Trust' Display in City Hall

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Clarksburg City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution to display the words "In God We Trust" in council chambers, making it the first in the state to do so.

Councilman Jim Malfregeot said council decided to take the action after learning about a nationwide initiative to put those words in all city halls.

Malfregeot said he thinks other cities will get on board as well.

"They're taking God out of everything. The country's going to Hell in a handbasket, so I thought, 'wow. What a great thing to do.' And to be the first city hall and city chambers in the state of West Virginia to have In God We Trust," said Malfregeot.

Councilwoman Margaret Bailey said she is very grateful that Malfregeot brought the idea to council.

"We are a city of diversity. We are a city council of diversity. We have Christians, we are blessed with Jewish, we are all children of one God. It is not just Christian values, whether you're Muslim, whether you're Hindu, whether you're Shinto, Christian, Jewish, whatever. We're children of one God, and it's 'In God We Trust,'" said Bailey.

City manager Martin Howe said the phrase will be located above the city's seal in council chambers. He anticipates the project will be completed next week.

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