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Funding Needed For New DOH HQ In Lewis County

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It may not look like much now, but an empty field a few miles south of Weston on Route 19 is slated to be the site for a new DOH region seven headquarters. The new site will bring all the work of the DOH in Lewis County to one campus; something officials said will be a great benefit for the area.

"This is a wonderful economic development for this area. Eventually when it's all finished up, we'll have quite a few hundred people up there working, so that's great for the county," said Mayor Julia Spelsberg, who also sits on the Weston Sanitary Board.

But there's one big problem: the new site needs sewer service, and it'll cost almost $1 million to connect it to the Weston Sanitary Board's system. Half of that money has been raised already, but the board is still looking for more than $400,000 to complete the project. And they're looking at every possible solution to the issue.

"There's also another possibility that they could put in their own box plant which is their own system at the site, which becomes very difficult, because you have to make sure you have someone there, make sure you follow all the DEP rules, so it's a lot easier for them to just come on board with someone like us," Spelsberg said.

The board and engineers have also appealed to the county commission for help. While the commission can't legally give money to the board, it has thrown its support behind the project, and said they'll help get money any way they can.

"As you know, it's an economic nightmare without sewage and without water, so to have both those available is a tremendous asset for the county, and so we'll put forth the effort through the governor's office and through different grants and through different applications to try and obtain funding," said commission president Pat Boyle.

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