Firehouse Friday: Rivesville VFD

Welcome to this months edition of Firehouse Fridays. This month we're in Marion County to visit the Rivesville Volunteer Fire Department. Lets Find out a little bit more about them right now.

"We average 12 active members. We actually have a couple different support groups. We have of course your ladies auxiliary that helps out. We started a thing called a fire core which is members of the community and surrounding community that don't feel that they want to do fire fighting but still want to give. They come down here as a support group with us. We actually have junior fire fighters with us. So we have a whole different line up here than just normal fire departments" said Chief Justin Stover.

And if you live near the department, in an year's time you can hear the fire whistle sound over a hundred times.

"Right now we average about 150 calls a year. Range anything from structure fires to car wrecks. We are preparing to get into the first responders side of the medical; we just haven't made the process yet; we actually have a couple of us down here including myself that's an EMT a couple Paramedics so we're wanting to get that started. The community is very happy that we're getting that back in down here. We range from your average calls to fires, car wrecks of course the notorious tree downs," said Stover.

With Thanksgiving just Thursday, it reminds Chief Stover of a memorable call on that holiday.

"Thanksgiving day five years ago was a cat stuck in chimney. So we ended up with the cat stuck in the chimney for 2-hours trying to wrestle the cat out of this chimney for this older woman that lives in our first due area here. That's one of the most memorable ones you don't hear about. Yes, a little torn up afterwards the cat wasn't to happy to come out, but successful," said Stover.

Always ready for the next call, the Rivesville VFD!

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