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Black Friday Shoppers Disappointed by Early Start to the Shopping Day

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The Black Friday morning rush of yesteryear has been replaced by a gray Thursday rush. In fact, most stores that opened Thanksgiving night, like Target and Best Buy, said that their busiest time was between 8 PM and midnight.

Most major stores opened their doors late Thanksgiving night. But hours earlier than last year.

Even some veteran Black Friday shoppers just couldn't handle the early start. And the shoppers who did come out did not find the deals they were looking for.

"It interrupts with your family. And I'm used to waking up at the 4 AM the 5 AM and standing out in the cold. But I noticed this year, I really missed out," said Julie Nichols, a Black Friday shopper and Morgantown resident. "I feel like I really missed out on everything because everything started so early."

Shonnie Laughlin is another veteran Black Friday bargain hunter who wishes the sales would go back to a 5 AM start on Friday.

She had to change her Thanksgiving plans because she didn't want to miss any of the deals.

"That is disappointing because it ruins Thanksgiving. We have all complained about it. We had our Thanksgiving Wednesday because I'm a Black Friday shopper, and I'm into it," said Laughlin. "So everybody had to come on Wednesday and say Happy Thanksgiving even though it was Wednesday. But there was still family time and we still had a good time."

There was still a rush of people on Thursday night but crowds weren't as big as the usual Black Friday morning.

Even the youngest of Black Friday shoppers weren't too happy about the Thanksgiving Day start.

"I think it's kind of sad how people have to work on thanksgiving because they might miss their family," said Meghan Nichols, who was shopping with her mother Julie Nichols on Black Friday. "But they have to choose here because their boss said."

The University Town Center and the Morgantown Mall still had plenty of people that came out to shop on Black Friday. There is also a chance to support local businesses by shopping on Small Business Saturday, November 30.

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