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Randolph County Ministerial Association Holds Thanksgiving Dinner

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If you had no time to cook Thanksgiving dinner or make it home to be with family, then the best way to enjoy the holiday was to fellowship with your community.

The Randolph County Ministerial Association held its annual Thanksgiving dinner, and after more than 30 years it's still making sure everybody in the community gets a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

 "There's a lot of need out there right now. This is a small way we can help provide a little joy for Thanksgiving," said David Moore, association president.

That joy has been serving residents a traditional dinner with turkey and all the trimmings. About 25 volunteers worked as an assembly line dishing out meals and boxing up those meals for delivery.

"We have some people delivering to different apartment buildings around the community, and then people just come in and go in the dining room, sit down, they get a plate brought out to them," Moore said.

The association plans two months in advance to organize the dinner. The food is all donated by local businesses. The association said this dinner is the best way everyone can share in giving thanks.

"I enjoy helping the public, I enjoy helping people. I love doing it every year. I don't want nothing, I won't take nothing. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, because there's a lot of people out there that don't have nothing," said Rev. Doug Lewis.

"The volunteers come out and are doing it because they love people, that's all you can say about that. We do it because we love people," Moore said.

The association said it planned to serve 300 dinners at site, with more than 150 meals being delivered on take out.

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