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Test it Tuesday: Stone Wave

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This week's Test it Tuesday promises to be a dream device for anyone looking for a quality meal in just a few minutes with a minimal mess to clean up later.

The Stone Wave is a ceramic cooking pot with a vented lid that claims to perfectly cook dishes from omelets to soufflés within five minutes using recipes that come with the product.

At Pierpont Community and Technical College, I challenged the chefs to use follow those recipes and see what we come up with. 

The first test was a chocolate soufflé. Donald Grisete mixed the materials in the Stone Wave, then put it in the microwave for two minutes.

Grisete tasted the result. "It is really good," he said, sounding surprised, and agreed that it's not a bad result for a couple of minutes in a microwave.

"A lot easier than the eight hours it usually takes," he said.

Next we start on the recipe for apple crisp. As Grisete mixed the sugar and cinnamon with the apples, he said that the recipes are not only easy to follow, but tend to stick to easy measurements like a cup or a tablespoon.

"That also cuts down on the mess in the kitchen," he said.

After three minutes total in the microwave, Grisete adds a scoop of ice cream to the apple mixture, and I give it a taste and never would have guessed it was made in a microwave.

Grisete points out the potential down side, though. "You may need to get four of them if you want to feed the whole family."

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