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Bridgeport City Council Approves First Phase of Stormwater Drainage Initiative

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Last August, hundreds of Bridgeport residents were hit with severe flooding after a storm came through the area, and earlier this fall, they asked city council for answers.

At Bridgeport City Council on Monday night, council members addressed some of the city's most problematic drainage areas and vowed to be better prepared for such storms in the future.

They voted unanimously to authorize projects in the city's "Phase One Stormwater Report," estimated just below $400,000. These projects include a retention pond north of Compton Park, improving and replacing a failing culvert under the park, and more.

City manager Kim Haws said the projects are a collaboration between the city and Thrasher Engineering and are a step in the right direction.

"The main thing that we need to consider is that these improvements, and any other improvements that the city makes, cannot be construed as safeguards that there will never be flooding again because that's absolutely impossible, but what we do hope to do is help reduce the amount of, and control the level of water that comes down during certain storm events," said Haws.

Haws said Phase I of the project will get started this spring, while Phase II is slated to begin next summer. Several council members expressed interest in getting both phases started as soon as possible.

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