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Young Life West Virginia Hosts Fall Weekend at Jackson's Mill

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Over 400 high school students from all over West Virginia came together at Jackson's Mill on Saturday and Sunday for the Young Life West Virginia fall camp.

"This is our Young Life weekend for senior high kids that are involved in Young Life all across the state of West Virginia. We have the Young Life leaders that spend time with the kids in their towns bring them here and we have fun activities, Young Life club where there's songs and skits and humor and it slows down to a talk at the end," explained Scott Berg, Young Life West Virginia state director.

Young Life is a ministry that has groups all over the United States. Berg says the easiest way to describe it is by reciting the mission statement.

"Introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith. So we do that with lots of programs, fun things, and camps like this weekend," Berg explained.

During the fall weekend camp, the students participate in outdoor games and compete as teams.

Berg said Jackson's Mill was a great place to have the camp.

"There's something fun about Young Life combining like this because more kids are here than they're used to in their Young Life clubs back at home, but its still kind of small enough and their leaders are with them so its still the relationships and friendships are in tact. But it's bigger and more like a rock concert and the kids have fun with it," said Berg.

Heath Sizick is the Eastern Mountains Area Coordinator and brought his Young Life group to Jackson's Mill. He said there is something about bringing all the groups together that makes this camp special.

"Rallying around West Virginia I think they rally around that and they love each other, and it just feels very united even though it's so spread out across the state. We tell our kids this will be the best weekend of your life so to get kids to come to this it's an easy sell," Sizick said.

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