Morgantown Municipal Airport Offers Discounted Flight Rates for the Holidays

[image] Morgantown Municipal Airport offers discounted flight rates through United Express Silver Airways.

The holidays are notorious for jamming up the highways and making big airports a crowded mess. The Morgantown Municipal Airport created a way to cut out one part of your commute. They're offering some great deals on flights for the holidays.

"We met with the Silver Airways folks on Monday and we got a fabulous rate that is just super for our customer," said Jackie Mahefka, the Interim Director of the Morgantown Municipal Airport. "And we're very proud of it, we're really happy with it."

Those great rates include a $38 one way trip and a $76 round trip to Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. These rates are almost $20 less than the most recent ticket prices.

Assistant City Manager Glen Kelly helped get this deal together with United Express Silver Airways.

"What I asked to get our ridership back and to prove to people that they are as reliable as we have hoped with their new changes, to give us some better rates for the holidays and to also gain the enplanements," said Kelly.

The Morgantown Municipal Airport needs 10 thousand enplanements, or people to board the plane, to receive a $1 million entitlement to help with improvements to the airport.

Taking a flight to Washington D.C. provides about ten times more connections than Pittsburgh International Airport. There are great shopping and entertainment opportunities in D.C. And the flight is short.

"It's like 35 minutes," Kelly said. "It cuts a tremendous amount of your travel time and at that rate it's very affordable."

Marhefka said that flying out of Morgantown in general is cheaper than heading to Pittsburgh International Airport.

"Because the parking is free, and the lines are shorter, and you don't have to come two hours before flight time, and it makes it so much more convenient," Marhefka said. "Because from here you can fly to Dulles and then fly anywhere you want to go and it's just so much simpler.

The discounted flight rates that the airport officials worked on are available now through United Express and will last until January 8. But that's not all the Morgantown Airport is working on. Construction on the access road to the airport will begin December 9. They're also working on extending the runway so they can get bigger airplanes and more flights in and out of Morgantown.

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