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Update: Clarksburg Mission Prepares for Thanksgiving Dinner

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The Clarksburg Mission hosted its Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday afternoon.

With tons of donations of turkeys, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, the mission was ready to serve up to 200 people.

Before Thanksgiving the mission gave out almost 100 Thanksgiving baskets filled with turkey, potatoes, and all the fixings.

The meals in the baskets could be prepared at home by the people who received them.

"I think that's the part of the tradition of Thanksgiving and the moment of family where you get to enjoy cooking with one another and the messes that you make and I just think that's part of the fun of the Thanksgiving tradition," said Angela Knight, with the Clarksburg Mission.

Many donations to the mission for the dinner came from local churches in the area.




Thanksgiving is a time when you have a big meal with family, but some people don't have anywhere to go on Thanksgiving.

That's where the Clarksburg Mission comes in. The workers there are preparing for a feast to serve to the less fortunate on Thanksgiving.

"We will do the turkey, stuffing, beans and corn, pumpkin pies and all of things people expect on Thanksgiving, and we're looking forward to that," explained Chris Mullett, the executive director of the mission.

Mullett said no one will be turned away on Thanksgiving.

"If people want to eat we don't care if it's the president of the bank or someone who's living under the bridge we just want to feed people," said Mullett.

Other organizations will host Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday as well including the First Baptist Church in Shinnston.

Mullett said that Thanksgiving is a slow day for the mission thanks to the help from other organizations.

"Thanksgiving day is great for us because we have help from other organizations in town for that day. Normally we would feed 200 meals on a day but on Thanksgiving day it will be between 75 and 100," Mullett explained.

That's why Mullett said it's important that the mission gets donations all year round and not just during holidays.

"We're thankful that at Thanksgiving and Christmas and through the holiday season people are more aware of what we do and making donations but those donations are important year round because what we do at Thanksgiving and Christmas is less than what we do in a normal day. 365 days a year we're serving the poor, the hungry, housing the homeless, and so we need help all year round," Mullett said.

The Clarksburg Mission will accept any donations, including clothing, food, personal hygiene items and money.

The mission will serve Thanksgiving Dinner at 2 p.m. on Thursday.

First Baptist Church in Shinnston will hold its community dinner on Thursday at 12 p.m.

The mission will host a race on Saturday called, "The Mission Monster Mile."

Registration will begin at 8 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Church in Clarksburg.

The run will start there and then go up Lowndes Hill to the YMCA.

The theme for the run is, "an Extreme Race for an Extreme Cause."

All proceeds will benefit the mission. 

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