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Corn-dogging: Dangerous new trend has parents concerned

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Some say they believe there's a new bullying trend in schools... but the "game" being played is nothing new.  This dangerous trend is all over the Internet... And now it's starting to worry parents in our area.

We were notified by a concerned parent that a 4th grader at Hinton Area Elementary school in Summers County had been kicked in the private parts another student.  The woman said the little boy referred to the act as "corn-dogging."

Traditionally it's been considered a game among boys and even young adults, they sometimes call it Rochambo or Chicken of the Groin, but Principal Gumm said she believes this incident wasn't an act of bullying or a game.

"I don't think it was bullying in the case that we had here but I think that could be happening in some other schools," said Gumm.

Principal Gumm said she had never even heard of the term "corn-dogging," nor had she ever had to deal with a student actually doing it to someone else.

"I had to actually ask when I was doing my investigation, he witnesses and the student involved, 'What is corndogging?' because that is the term that they used. And they had to explain to me that he was kicked in the private parts," said Gumm.

The trend has even been expressed on the Comedy Central show South Park as Rochambo.

Principal Gumm said she plans on taking this, and any other violent act or game very seriously.

"Corndogging is injuring another person's body... that requires us to suspend them," said Gumm.

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