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AT&T Wireless to Offer Amber Alert GPS to Customers

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For most parents, worrying about their children is all they seem to know how to do.

"When you're a parent and you have small children, you want to keep as close tabs on them as you can. You never want anyone to be able to take them," said Chad Cooper, AT&T Assistant Manager.

Many cell phone companies offer a variety of applications that help you keep track of your child wherever they may be. AT&T Wireless is offering something to its customers that no other company has thought of yet.

"It allows you to give a device to your children who are not old enough to have a smart phone. It allows you to keep tabs on them," Cooper said.

The Amber Alert GPS is a communication and location device that helps parents keep in touch with their children.

It weighs just 1.5 ounces and children can easily carry it in their pocket or backpack.

"One of the nice things is, it has a communication device," Cooper said. "If the kid is lost, you can call. They can play a call to their parents from the device itself. It comes with unlimited talking."

The device also features "Speed Alerts" to notify users when their child is in a vehicle exceeding a preset speed threshold.

"It also features 'Zone' where if you go out of a certain zone, it will alert the person monitoring you," Cooper said.

Starting November 22, AT&T customers can purchase the Amber Alert GPS tracker for $129.99 plus $10 a month with a stand-alone plan or as part of an AT&T Mobile Share plan.

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