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Day 2: Eddie Washington Trial In Marion County

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A man accused of a triple homicide in 1974 appeared in court on Tuesday for day two of his trial.

Eddie Washington, 60, faces three counts of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of Lester Phillips, 20, Wanda Jane Phillips, 19, and Billy Ray Cobb, 27.

Washington's attorney, Neal Hamilton, called Dr. Robert Thompson to the stand as his first witness on Monday night. Dr. Thompson is a licensed physician, former ER doctor, and former assistant medical examiner in Marion County.

He reviewed the 1974 autopsy report made by the late Dr. Milton Hale, medical examiner.

Both Hamilton and Marion County Prosecutor, Patrick Wilson, questioned Dr. Thompson on his knowledge of the report.

Dr. Thompson returned to the stand Tuesday morning to continue discussing the autopsy report.

One of the things the report said was that there was no drugs or alcohol in any of victims. Dr. Thompson said that both Wanda and Lester Phillips were Type A blood and Billy Cobb had Type O blood.

A blue print shirt that was found in an abandoned house on Washington Street in Fairmont also had Type O blood on it, according to a Case Submission Report.

The state and defense both presented photos of the scene to the court.

Dr. Thompson talked to Wilson and Hamilton in detail about blood transfer and the victims' wounds.

All three victims were shot in the head with a small caliber gun, Dr. Thompson said. Wanda Phillips may have lived up to eight minutes after she was shot, according to Dr. Thompson.

"It is not uncommon to not have a lot of blood at the scene," Dr. Thompson told Wilson. There wasn't much blood on any of the victims.

Jack Clayton, current Fairmont State University Police Chief, took the stand following Dr. Thompson. Clayton was a patrolman for the Fairmont Police Department in 1974.

He told the court he was working day shift on August 2. The groundskeeper at Windmill Park came into the station saying he found three bodies. He lead Clayton and another detective to the scene, according to Clayton.

Clayton said when they arrived on scene, they discovered the bodies of Lester Phillips, Wanda Phillips, and Billy Cobb laying close together.

"At initial glance, it looked like they were asleep," Clayton told the court.

Clayton was a police officer for three years prior to this case. He said once he arrived on scene, it was important to secure it.

"There was an immediate problem of securing the crime scene," Clayton told Wilson.

Due to the large crime scene, there was a lot to observe. Clayton said they called out multiple officers and detectives. There was blood on the grass from the head wounds but no footprints were visible, according to Clayton.

The trial will continue Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. in the Division I Courtroom, Marion County Courthouse.

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