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Upshur County Sheriff's Department's Chief Administrative Deputy to Retire

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A long-time public servant is stepping down from law enforcement in Upshur County.

This officer is approaching nearly 40 years of service, and said he still enjoys the camaraderie of his co-workers.

"Do the math, (laughs) 33 years ending up this year, here in Upshur County and couple of years prior to that in Webster County, and the military for three years," said Virgil Miller.

Miller started his law enforcement career back in 1974. He has been serving the community for almost 40 years, and now he's ready for another chapter in his life. He's retiring Dec 31. Miller has held positions as city police chief, county sheriff, and now administrative chief deputy. Miller said he stills enjoy the job.

"Be out working with the guys. I really enjoy it. Being out in the county. You can name different people, know different people all over the county so it makes it nice," Miller said.

Miller attributes his reasoning for a long career to healthy living and enjoying his work everyday.

"I think that whether it's law enforcement or being a firefighter, I think that's the big factor. If you can get up in the morning and enjoy what your doing and go do it," Miller said.

His predecessor Sheriff Dave Coffman said keeping Miller on board during the transition, and still working in the department has been a big help.

"He's walked me through a lot of things that I wasn't certain about and I just hate to see him leave here in another month. He's been a great asset to me, the department, and the community," said Sheriff Dave Coffman.

Miller said he's been approached to running for political office such as county commissioner or working for other agencies.

"I'm kinda of keeping my options open. I'm going to retire and leave the sheriff's office, but I'm in no way ready to go to the rocking chair," Miller said.

Commissioner Donnie Tenney said he doesn't plan to run again next year. If Miller decides to run he'll file papers in January for next year's election.


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