Arthurdale Heritage: Historic Elementary School to be Renovated

[image] Arthurdale Heritage said AU Associates may renovate the old Valley Elementary School.

Arthurdale Heritage provides a quick history lesson to people that live in, or visit, the town of Arthurdale, which started as "The Reedsville Project" in 1934 as a homestead community. Most of the original buildings are still there but one might be getting a make over.

AU Associates, a company that rehabilitates historic sites using historic tax grants, has some new ideas for the old elementary school and Arthurdale Heritage couldn't be more happy.

"I think it's a win, win, win situation for everything," said Jeanne Goodman the Executive Director at Arthurdale Heritage. "Preston County, AU Associates, renters in the county, us. I see no down sides."

Goodman said AU Associates is looking to purchase the school. The building will still look the same on the outside which was important to Arthurdale Heritage.

"Ten years ago they offered them to Arthurdale Heritage, and they took them, with the hope that they would be able to somehow get the money together to rehabilitate themselves and enlarge the museum," said Goodman. "That's been a challenge for us money wise."

AU Associates will buy the building for $36,000. This will allow Arthurdale Heritage, a non profit, to do upkeep on their other buildings.

"It will help us because we are always short of money, and that would be a big help to us to have this money because of the five other buildings that we already own."

Goodman said that AU Associates may begin renovations as early as February 2014.

If all goes well with the first building, they have also mentioned purchasing the other two remaining school buildings to renovate them for apartments.

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