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Finding A Family: Myths About Fostering or Adopting a Child in WV

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Sometimes the biggest obstacle for children in need of a home in our state is the misinformation about the process of fostering or adopting.

When we introduce you to children in need of adoption, your first reaction might be "I could never do that."

Usually at the bottom of that response there are a lot of myths about the process. So, we went to the Department of Health and Human Resources for the facts.

Myth #1:

Adoption is so expensive!

We hear this one all the time in response to our Finding a Family segments. The truth is that adopting through the DHHR is free.

"When a child is placed in foster care, the family will receive boarding care to help offset the cost of caring for the child," said Melissa Vincent, with the DHHR. "When a child is adopted through the state, through the Dept. of Health and Human Resources, a child could be eligible for continued subsidy which would include a monthly stipend check, a medical card, and up to $1,000 in attorney's fees."

Myth #2:

I have to be married to adopt or foster a child.

"That is a common myth," Vincent said. "You can be married or single to become a foster or adoptive parent."

Myth #3:

I need to own my home to qualify for foster care and adoption.

"You can own your home or rent your home," Vincent said. "We look at the availability of space for a child in your home and the safety features of the home."

Myth #4:

I'll have to be a stay-at home parent to foster or adopt.

"You do not need to be a stay at home parent, you can be a working parent," Vincent said "We offer childcare assistance to parents who work. We want children placed in homes that are everyday homes with everyday people where they can live a normal, healthy life."

For more information, visit the DHHR online or call your local office.

The only way you're sure not qualify is if you don't take the first step.

If you'd like to learn more about any child up for adoption in West Virginia, call Mission West Virginia at 866- CALL MWV Or you can send an email to adopt@mission

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