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Fairmont Police Cars Receive 'Automatic License Plate Reader'

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On Tuesday, the Fairmont Police Department received an opportunity to have an "Automatic License Plate Reader" added to one of their police cars.

Fairmont City Council had its first reading and approved to have a camera placed on a Fairmont Police car to help with patrolling. The license plate reader will help police determine if there are individuals with in and out of state who have warrants.

West Virginia Intelligence and Fusion Center are providing the license plate reader to Fairmont Police.

"Right now it is experimental; so once they get that up and running and I'm sure we'll look at them later on to add them to each one of the police cruisers; and it helps them when they're paroling if it comes up even local if you have someone that's alluding the police or something and it prints that up and tells them you need to take a look at this person," said Fairmont Mayor Ronald Straight.

Also at Tuesday night's council approved a first reading to move the city's payment center to a new location, on Merchant Street into the old WesBanco bank building, so that residents can quickly make their payments.

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