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Test it Tuesdays: Perfect Pancake Pan

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Test it Tuesday returns, with help from Pierpont Community and Technical College.

What the "Perfect Pancake Pan" promises is rather self-evident; four perfectly shaped pancakes that slide right out of the pan and onto a waiting diner's plate.

The commercial shows blueberry, chocolate chip, and other variations, but the culinary team at Pierpont tested buttermilk pancakes and crepes, which worked well.

"The batter is really thin in a crepe so it tried to leak out a little bit when you flipped it, but it really wasn't that bad," said culinary student Joe Friend. "The pancakes worked out good, maybe slightly thick because it doesn't let them expand as much as they normally would but it's a nice little product to do something quick and easy."

The commercial also advertises ‘perfect' over-easy eggs, but those did not go as well.

Even after chef Joe Friend sprayed and pre-heated the pan, one of the four eggs stuck to the bottom after the first flip. When he tried to turn the pan back over, we lost another egg.

"If we had stayed with sunny-side up, it would have been fine," Friend said.

This product seems like a one-trick pony, but if all you're looking for are perfect pancakes, this is the pan for you.

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