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Athletes of the Week: Bonamico Brothers Use Football to Build Special Bond

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It's a story of big brother, and little brother. A story of a star, and a star-in-the-making. It's Anthony Bonamico and Dante Bonamico. Brothers through blood, and through football.

"We just really enjoy each others company and just being around each other. We don't ever dread practice or dread anything. I think we just really have fun with each other," Bridgeport senior running back Anthony Bonamico said.

"Really it's just a lot of memories I'm going to have, all the way throughout my high school career. Never getting to play with him again. Him not playing basketball or anything. So it's the last time I'm going to get to play with him in sports," Indians sophomore safety Dante Bonamico said.

Anthony is a senior at Bridgeport High, the starting running back for the football team and one of the top offensive players in the state. Dante is a sophomore at Bridgeport, the starting safety for the football team and one of the top underclassmen in the program.

"Well the first thing I thought was that he was going to be a backup, but due to injury, he's stepped up. He's done a great job," Anthony Bonamico said.

"It's just all of the offseason training and workouts that I went through here. The strength training helped me out a lot to get stronger for this level. It's bigger and faster. It helped me out a lot," Dante Bonamico said.

The two-year age difference has gone unnoticed by the Indians coaching staff. Head Coach Josh Nicewarner admits football is football, which has become second nature to the Bonamico family.

"They just understand the game. People ask me all the time, and if you even look at them. Anthony isn't blazing fast on a stop watch and Dante can barely see up over the counter. They just get it. They understand what we're trying to do. But most importantly, they understand the game of football," Bridgeport Head Football Coach Josh Nicewarner said.

And when it comes to Mom and Dad, the Bonamico boys confess their parents have enjoyed the process more than anyone on Friday nights.

"My Mom, when she first found out that we were going to be playing together this year, she was really excited. My Dad didn't really have to say much, but my Mom was real excited. So it was really fun around the house," Dante Bonamico admitted.

"I'm sure that they're proud of both of us. But they know it's my time this year and Dante's time is coming up within the next couple of years," Anthony Bonamico said with a smirk.

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