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Marion County To Kick Off E-Filing System This Month

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It was only 10 weeks ago that Barbara Core, former Marion County Circuit Clerk, retired from her position.

It was 26 years of hard work and for Core, and it's still nowhere near over.

"I'm putting in test county complaints, we are putting in fake complaints and stuff. Just getting those glitches worked out," she said.

Core has been working constantly since her retirement. She traveled to Alabama and said she is doing everything she can to help West Virginia install electronic filing in circuit courts statewide.

"That's the purpose of having a unified court system," Core said. "You don't do it 55 different ways. It's going to be done one way."

Now the clock is ticking down. In just a few weeks, Marion County will be the first county in the state to go online and use the new e-filing system.

"We'll want to run it here for a couple weeks to work out the bugs. Are you going to have bugs? Of course. Things are going to come up that I haven't thought of," Core said.

E-filing will make the jobs of everyone in the judicial system a lot easier. If a lawyer wants to file a complaint at 11 p.m., for instance, they can do it in the comfort of their own home.

"They can actually sit at their PC and bring up the cases within that county and have the documents right there so they can look at it," Core said.

The Circuit Clerk's Office is responsible for hundreds of thousands of documents.

Circuit Clerk Rhonda Starn said e-filing is going to make the office a lot quieter and make their job a lot easier.

"Once they find out and hear people say the easiness of it, the time that you won't have to put in of getting to your car, coming to the Circuit Clerk's office. You're saving on a lot," Starn said.

Core said Marion County should be online by the end of the month. Jefferson County will be soon to follow.

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