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Morgantown Business Creates Petition Opposing New Sheetz

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The vacant car dealership at the end of South University Avenue will soon become the fourth Sheetz in just a small distance from the downtown Morgantown area.

Employees at Mountain People's Co-op are not very happy about the decision. The business started a petition in hopes of persuading Morgantown City Council members to not allow the big business to push out local ones.

"We started a petition to oppose Sheetz going in," said Ashley Keane, the General Manager of the Mountain Peoples Cooperative. "Or at least to see the zoning commission give them larger regulations on what they are going to do with that space and how they are going to do it."

Panera Bread, Sheetz, a CVS Pharmacy and even a Starbucks are a couple of things that may soon be, or are in the process of being built near High Street in downtown Morgantown.

Mountain People's Co-Op believes it won't be good for local businesses.

Jeff Mikorski, Morgantown City Manager, said the issue hasn't been presented to City Council. He said even if it is, it's a tricky subject.

"Usually petitions are for removing a law or an ordinance," said Mikorski. "In this case they're requesting a specific ordinance to be adopted. We would have to do research to determine if that's even possible to do. Because we have to be careful that we don't discriminate."

Those behind the petition believe another Sheetz will cause an already polluted area to get even worse. Mountain People's Co-Op said they hope the petition will get support from other local businesses and residents on the issue.

"I don't want to see High Street turn into a strip mall and that's how I feel that it's going. We want to see local businesses be able to have a stronger foothold and flourish downtown. We don't want to see corporations bringing in their own buildings and then pouring money elsewhere. We want to see our economy flourish."

The petition at has over 450 signatures. The goal is 500. If you want to get involved and sign the petition visit the Mountain People's Cooperative website.

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