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Active Shooter Drill Held at Lewis County High School

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Lewis County High School was turned into a crime scene on Saturday.

An active shooter incident planning drill was setup by the Regional Education Service Agency complete with shooters, police, and victims.

"It takes a lot of thought, a lot of planning, and a lot of people willing to give their time up. Most of the folks you see here today are volunteers, nobody is getting paid. We had a real good turnout today; I can't say one bad thing about the turnout for volunteers today," said Bill Bickerstaff, a safety consultant with RESA 7.

Bickerstaff said every active shooter drill he sets up and plans is different.

"I setup some unique situations here like the two shooters. Nobody knew that was going to happen until they heard the second gun shot after they got the first gun. It allows people to think on their feet and that's what we're looking for is how quick you can make those thoughts and live with them," Bickerstaff said.

Bickerstaff said it's important to try to make the scenarios as real as possible.

Both the Lewis County Sheriff's Department and the Weston Police Department had officers at the drill.

"It's real important for all law enforcement agencies in the area to come in and get familiar with each other. We can come in and actually do a live scenario and get real life experience with what may really happen. It helps in cooperation with the other agencies," explained Lieutenant David Parks with the Lewis County Sheriff's Department.

Saturday's drill had many components including getting the school cleared, and getting the injured to the hospital.

After it was over everyone involved met for a debriefing, which Bickerstaff said is a very important aspect of the drill.

"We go back and we correct the things we did not do right. Our evaluators will write a report on what they saw. The evaluation is where the work begins. This was a first and we're hoping to have many more until we get it right," said Bickerstaff.

Law enforcement, teachers, administrators, and students were all involved in the drill.

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