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30 Days to a Safer Neighborhood: Doddridge County Drug Pick-Up System

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Many people have unused or expired medications in their medicine cabinets and they don't know how to get rid of them properly.

Deputy Tammy Satterfield, Doddridge County Sheriff's Department, said flushing the drugs down the toilet is a big mistake.

She said its important to bring them into the sheriffs department so that they can be disposed of properly.

"We have a drop box at the Doddridge County Sheriffs Department. Daily we take in prescriptions medications or again any medications that is left over at peoples residences that is being unused. To get it out of the homes and away from young children," said Satterfield.

Doddridge County is one of many counties that has a secure drop box in the Sheriff's Department. If you can't drop your unused or expired prescriptions off to the station, deputies will come out and pick them up.

"We have elderly people that doesn't have transportation to get the drugs to us; so we will even volunteer to go out to their residences to pick up the prescription medications to get it out of the homes so it doesn't end up in the wrong hands of people," added Satterfield.

In addition to the drop off and pick up programs, Doddridge County also participates in the National Drug Take Back Days at different locations in the county twice a year.

"The big thing with the sheriff of Doddridge County now is kids and the teenager of our county is the most important thing to us and protecting them is our main job; we have lots of jobs and all of us wear lots of hats, but the kids in our county are our top priority," Deputy Satterfield said.

You can find a drug take-back program in your area, click on the link.

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